MI2’s offices are located in O’Fallon, MO, at 1001 Boardwalk Springs Place in Wing Haven. The principals of MI2 are the former owners of ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT CORPORATION, or “EMC”. We grew EMC as a contract operations business from zero contracts in 1982 to over 60 contracts with municipalities and industries by the year 2002, which is the year we sold the business. EMC lead and managed a combined workforce of over 400 people,approximately 200 of which were municipal employees that EMC contractually managed.

Our key message is that MI2 will bring real value for the following reasons:

  • We understand water and wastewater treatment technologies;
  • We understand how treatment facilities need to be managed and maintained;
  • We are experienced with the development of capital planning in partnership with the City;
  • We are experienced in providing assistance to the City’s staff in managing capital projects; and
  • We have an excellent track record of providing single-source responsibility for the program management of capital projects with accompanying cost and performance guarantees.

MI2 is unique in our approach to contract operations. We strongly believe and have proven over the years that contract operations is a PEOPLE business. Fundamentally, it is about leadership and management of people, experience and knowledge of the technical aspects of the treatment technologies, complete knowledge of all state and federal regulations, a commitment to the safety of the community and its employees, and the commitment to provide services to the City. The challenge of contract operations is to be able to provide all of these benefits while at the same time holding the City’s sewer and water rates steady and providing a fixed annual cost for the operation that is less than its current expenditures.

Where We Have Worked

The scope of work in the following list of our first company’s projects was: water treatment, wastewater treatment, sludge disposal or public works management and in some communities a combination of scopes of work. The majority of the projects mentioned in the 3-state region of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana were municipal projects.  The majority of the projects outside of this  3-state territory were industrial projects and/or sludge disposal projects. (One of the reasons we named our new company MI2 is to reflect our regional geographic focus; the M stands for Missouri and the I2 stands for Illinois and Indiana.)


  1. California – population 3,460 – Full service O&M wastewater treatment
  2. Canton – population 2,700 – Public Works Management
  3. St. Charles – population 55,000 – Full Service O&M wastewater treatment along with 3 capital upgrades at the wastewater facilities
  4. Kansas City – Residuals contract – 22 million gallon lagoon closure
  5. Pevely – Residuals contract – 1.7 million gallons of biosolids annually to land application
  6. Bonne Terre – Residuals contract
  7. Cabool – Dairy Farmers of America – Industrial contract – Full-service O&M wastewater treatment8. Monett – Dairy Farmers of America – Industrial contract – Full-service O&M wastewater treatment9. Kirkwood – Residuals – 4,500 yards of lime from water treatment


  1. Bourbonnais – population 15,000 – Collection System Operation and Maintenance
  2. Brighton – population 2,400 – Public Works Management
  3. Elizabeth – population 700 – Public Works Management
  4. Erie, IL – population 1,572 – Public Works Management
  5. Galena – population 4,000 – Full service O&M of water and wastewater treatment
  6. Godfrey – population 16,085 – Full service O&M of wastewater treatment; Pretreatment/Billing
  7. Havanna – population 3.610 – Public Works Management
  8. Knoxville – population 3,200 – Full service O&M of wastewater treatment
  9. Lincoln – population 16,000 – Full service O&M of wastewater treatment + major capital upgrade
  10. Litchfield – population 7,200 – Full service O&M of wastewater treatment
  11. Metropolis – population 7,000 – Contract Management of wastewater treatment
  12. Monmouth – population 10,000 – Full service O&M of wastewater treatment + major capital upgrade
  13. Mt. Carmel – population 8,400 – Full service O&M of wastewater treatment
  14. Mt. Vernon – population 17,000 – Full service O&M of wastewater treatment + major capital upgrade
  15. Pittsfield – population 4,200 – Full service O&M wastewater treatment
  16. Oregon – population 4,800 – Full service O&M distribution and collection systems
  17. West Frankfort – population 8,500 – Full service O&M of water distribution system+ major capital upgrade
  18. Geneva – Pillsbury – Industrial O&M, wastewater
  19. Morton – Nestle – Industrial O&M + major capital upgrade
  20. Bloomington – Kathryn Beich – Industrial O&M, wastewater
  21. Sullivan – Brock and Brach – Industrial O&M, wastewater
  22. Robinson – Hershey – Industrial O&M, wastewater
  23. Macomb – Residuals contract – Lime sludge removal and disposal
  24. Camp Point – Residuals contract – 2,400 cubic yards of lime annually
  25. Jacksonville – Residuals contract – 37,000 cubic yards of lime over 4 years; O&M of wastewater bio solids program
  26. Staunton – Residuals contract – annual contract for lagoon clean outs and disposal
  27. East Alton – Residuals contract – 3.7 million gallons of wastewater residuals annual
  28. Belleville – Residuals contract – 2,600 annual dry tons


  1. Clarksville – population 20,000 – Full service O&M collection system
  2. Evansville – population 126,272 – Contract management wastewater treatment and collection system; contract management water treatment and distribution system; customer service and billing; engineering + major capital upgrade
  3. Jeffersonville – population 26,000 – Full service O&M wastewater treatment
  4. Richmond – population 40,000 – Contract management of wastewater treatment; sanitation collection; landfill operation and recycling
  5. Fort Wayne – population 200,000 – Contract management wastewater treatment
  6. Sellersburg – population 5,900 – Full service O&M of collection and distribution systems
  7. Seymour – population 15,500 – Full service O&M of wastewater treatment + major capital upgrade
  8. Terre Haute – population 57,475 – Contract management wastewater treatment
  9. Vincennes – population 19,859 – Full service O&M wastewater treatment + major capital upgrade
  10. Washington – Perdue Foods – Industrial contract