MI2’s Scope of Services includes:

  1. Conventional Operations and Management Services for municipal and industrial wastewater and water treatment facilities
  2. An assessment and analysis service for wastewater and water treatment operations. We review the customer’s current operation and present a full report of our findings and recommendations for a fixed fee. We also review the City’s current rate structure and capital improvement plan.
  3. Longterm partnerships for the financing and management of municipal wastewater and water treatment operations. Key drivers for a City to consider a partnership agreement:
    1. Difficulty in sustaining political focus on UNSEEN ASSETS (wastewater and water treatment facilities) and capital needs of these assets
    2. Employee difficulties with regard to retention of qualified personnel as well as retirement and benefit package issues
    3. Desire to leverage some of the City’s previous investment in wastewater and water assets
    4. Desire to transfer responsibility for the operation, maintenance  and management of the wastewater and water systems
    5. Desire for the implementation of a professional asset management and preventive maintenance program to drive cost-effective capital investments that assure the best life-cycle costs for delivered services
    6. Desire to procure the services of a company with excellent experience and track record with the implementation of CIP projects
    7. Desire to stabilize rate increases over the long-term