Leadership Team

Paul J. McKee, Jr., Chairman

McEagle, a real estate development firm, was created by Paul McKee, Jr. to develop real estate in a unique method of value creation through high quality sites buildings and amenities. McKee has a long history of entrepreneurialism, creating construction management company Paric Corporation in 1979 and Environmental Management Corporation (EMC) in 1980.

Michael McKee, Sr., President

Mike McKee founded MI2 Operating Systems in 2006, a wastewater operations consulting company. A biologist, he offers guidance and support through MI2 to municipalities in the management, operation and maintenance of their wastewater and water treatment facilities. Previously, he had served as President and Sales Director of EMC.

Jeff Mummert, Vice President/Director of Operations

Jeff joined MI2 Operating Systems in 2017. A multi-state licensed operator, He brings 35 years of water and wastewater operations experience in both the municipal and the industrial field to our clients. His experience covers operations, sales, and technical support to clients across the country.

Geralynn Kostecki, Chief Financial Officer

Gerri is responsible for the Financial Reporting, Accounting, and Cash Management functions. In addition, Gerri works closely with the Director of Operations insuring accuracy in administration, reporting and accounting. Gerri was formerly the Assistant CFO for EMC.